Beeswax Votives Imbolc Ritual Candles

Crafted during the full wolf moon for Imbolc, these votives are adorned with chamomile, rosemary, rose quartz and a bay leaf. This listing is for one votive candle and they are intended to be burned for ritual purpose to support your intentions for Imbolc season.

Bay leaf for prosperity throughout the growing season, it is often given as an offering to the sun. ⁠

Chamomile for connection to the sun, sacred feminine energies and to offer a comforting embrace. ⁠

Rosemary for purification, clarity and protection. ⁠

And rose quartz for self-love, a gentle but no nonsense approach and strength.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the addition of the dried herbs these candles are very flammable. Use caution and always burn within sight. Trim wick to 1/4" when lighting and keep trimmed. Burn in a fire-safe vessel and extinguish when about 1/2" wax remains. Spent wax, herbs and stones can be returned to the earth once extinguished. If you wish to retrieve the small stones simply pour boiling water into the votive holder once the candle is finished. The wax will melt and rise to the top of the water and the stones will sink.