Hosting & Gathering

To gather: to come together, assemble or accumulate. Formally, casually, spontaneously.

Personally, I derive immense joy from the process of gathering, whether in a formal setting, informally, or with an unexpected visitor. Being inherently sociable, I find energy and fulfillment in bringing people together. Though there are instances when solitude or the presence of only close family members is preferred, typically, I embrace the company of others with open arms and a fitting beverage.

For over a decade, my expertise has been in orchestrating birthday parties, baby showers, bridal showers, and holiday events. From cozy garden affairs and dinner parties where friends mingle and children frolic, to elaborate Winter Solstice feasts with the extended family, I find delight in the meticulous art of event planning and hosting. Cooking daily for my own family of six could be deemed an art in itself.

Beyond managing homeschooling, homesteading, and homemaking duties, I dedicate myself to professional event planning and wedding coordination. Alongside my partner, Monica, we are the proud owners of Vaux Studio, a boutique micro-wedding venue in Philadelphia, and oversee wedding planning and design operations worldwide for our company, Hillbird Events.

As a wedding planner, gardener, herbalist, and practitioner of green witchcraft, my involvement and love for floral design may come as no surprise. Through the years, I have spent countless hours tending gardens and immersing myself in the realm of flowers. My kitchen table and loved ones have been recipients of numerous floral arrangements crafted during practice sessions. Designing and planning events professionally has fulfilled a long-cherished aspiration of mine, allowing me to take my creative experiments to the next level. While basic installation services are reserved for my Vaux clients and personal events, detailed floral design concepts are an integral part of all design services.

In both elaborate and intimate settings, I have cultivated the skill of adaptability and consider it my superpower (in parenting and planning). I believe in utilizing existing resources and building upon them. The essence of gatherings lies in fostering connections; it is about coming together rather than focusing on perfectly matched table settings or extravagant meals. I find simplicity in gatherings to be most meaningful, whether hosting intimate dinner soirées or enjoying impromptu visits from friends over a cup of tea. Intention is at the root of every decision. At Waxing Moon House, you can expect a diverse range of gatherings and events, complemented by my insights on effortlessly creating an inviting atmosphere.

While I appreciate simplicity, I often notice my inclination towards maximalism. I take pleasure in elevating everyday moments by using the 'fancy china', adorning the breakfast table with a floral arrangement with cuttings from the garden and infusing mundane occasions with a touch of enchantment. It may seem contradictory to preach simplicity and maximalism but as a true Gemini through and through, I am eager to share insights on how bridge the two together. I curate my collection of entertaining pieces sustainably and affordably and draw inspiration from mother nature. I will provide guidance on transitioning your everyday items into captivating table settings. You can expect a variety of adaptable menus, seasonal floral arrangements, and table setting inspirations for diverse occasions.