Waxing Moon House was founded by Chanel & Matthew in 2018. Upon becoming a mother, Chanel was challenged to search for greater meaning in life but found it difficult to unearth a resonate source of information. Spirituality may feel unapproachable to the on-the-go mother who may not have the time to completely dive into such an abstract realm. Chanel wanted a space where magick and motherhood were presented in an understandable and passionate way. Believing that other mothers must be seeking the same knowledge, she wanted to share what her experiences along the way. To take the mundane to magickal for all women by offering sustainable, ethical, and magickal tools, Waxing Moon House was created to illuminate your sacred spaces. 


We are here for the fearless mother with a sense of enchantment and magick – she who paves her own path. The millennial woman who identifies as a witch, an herbalist, an earth-conscious steward, or spiritual individual looking to deepen their connections and open themselves to discovery.


Offering handcrafted ritual candles, crystals, and magickal home decor, Waxing Moon House welcomes those who wish to understand the importance of sacred space and its role in illuminating our lives.